IT Consulting Services

We provide a variety of services designed to accommodate the IT needs of your business, we know you need technology but don ́t want to have high and fix overhead costs; our mission is that you can focus on doing business while we take care of
your IT environment.

User Policies and Shared Resources

Configuration of policies to control access to the resources of your company.

Virus & Malware

Prevent infections of virus, malware, spyware or any other threat that can compromise your information.

Data Backups

Installation of NAS, SAN and other devices  to automate backups of your critical information.

Surveillance & Automation

Control lightning, outlets, cameras and other devices from your smartphone saving energy and protecting your assets. 

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery solutions to avoid interruptions of your business activities.

Network Security

Through the implementation of security policies we secure your network to flaws and vulnerabilities that could expose your data

Web Design

Design of modern, professional and captivating websites to attract customers

Online Marketing and SEO

Social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization for websites 

Systems Development

Custom-made online systems to control any area of your business


Services & Solutions

Our services are focused on small and medium companies that require technology but don´t want to have high and fix overheads costs.

Our plans

How we do it

We offer flexible plans to meet your business requirements, the following pricing schemas are available:

Service Proposal

Why to Choose Us?

√ No fix cost

√ No attachments

√ Professional, effective and creative solutions

√ The help you need when you need it at a reasonable cost

√ Integration with your business team for development of projects


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